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August 8, 2013
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Zero-Period: Lucian Chevalier by minarui Zero-Period: Lucian Chevalier by minarui
EDIT: Edited personality info |D
pfff omg what am I doing
I need to make it transparent but yeah I'll do that later haah

♔ Name: Lucian Chevalier

♔ Age/year: 17 || January 1 || Junior (2nd year)

♔ Gender: Male

♔ Height: 5'6"

*** Land of Alter Egos ***

His EGO is based on his habit of rushing his homework. He wants things done quickly so that he can find the time to draw. The appearance of his ALTER EGO was actually based on a design that he drew. As a kid, he had always wanted to be a king, thus explaining why his EGO had a crown.

♔ Alter-ego species: Human

♔ Weapon:
Whilst wielding a rapier that he alone can use, Lucian strikes with high precision. The lightweight of his weapon allows him to attack as many times as be can. Although his attacks may not cause much damage at first, the hits will start to add up due to his constant strikes. He will not let the enemy have a chance to counterattack, let alone catch him.

Along with his weapon, Lucian has a few skills he likes to use in battle. One of his most used one is his speed. He uses wind magic to give him a boost in speed, along with high jumping abilities that far exceed that of a normal human. Because of his intense speed, there are times where it seems as if he teleported. The same can be said when attacking with his rapier. He can fool his opponent with feints and immediately strike at a different area than where first aimed.

♔ Skills:
False Strike
-----He can pretend to strike at a certain area but then attack at some other point or even a different target.

Dance of the Blade:
-----With his speed, Lucian can make it seem as if he has many weapons. He'll be dangerously close to the enemy, as if they're dancing, and strike all around, as well as avoiding attacks up close.

Illusionary Wings:
-----Using his wind magic, Lucian jumps into midair, far above the opponent's head. His cape gives off the illusion that he has wings. Aiming for the enemy, he has the wind assist him as he quickly spins down, striking the enemy as well as knocking them off balance.

*** Real Life ***

♔ Strong in studies? Yes.

♔ Strongest subject: Art, History

♔ Weakest subject: Math, Science

♔ Bio:
Lucian is an only child born into a very rich and noble household in France. All his parents did was spoil the child rotten, giving him all that he wants and taking away what he doesn't want. In return, he is to listen to what his parents say without any objections. Rules were strict and if not followed correctly, the appropriate punishment will be given to him. His parents wanted nothing more than for Lucian to be the best; they even believed he was. 

Around his parents, he would always nod his head when they want him to. Always obedient, like their dog. He'd continue to get straight A's for them, even if it affects his health and sleep pattern. All he wants is to please his parents... Or not. This constant treatment made him want to stomp on those below him. He doesn't want to follow rules, he wants to make them. He wants to be king above all others. You could say this gave him a sort of split personality: the quiet, obedient dog and his ego, the superiority-complexed king.

Of course, he does need some down time. Ever since he was little he'd doodle when no one was paying attention. He finds drawing nice and something to do after studying. This leads to his current studying routine; quickly rushing on his homework and simply skimming through the pages of his text book. He does this so he has more time to draw. 

♔ R L Personality:
Having been born to a noble family, Lucian Chevalier grew up to be exquisite and decisive. He was to be engaged and suave, but because of how his parents treated him, he turned out to be reserved and considerably distant to those around him. You could never really tell what he is thinking. Throughout his life, he grew to be rather single minded with one goal in mind: to be better than all others.

He may be quiet and impassive, but when provoked, he's blunt and won't hesitate to bring one down when it comes to it. This guy won't mince words at all, regardless of who you are. Although, he isn't stupid enough to be too blunt to a superior, so he merely quiets down and murmurs his dissatisfaction once they're far away. His split personality only comes out when he is truly angered.

Despite all that, Lucian does have some good traits within him. When he is set on a goal, he is quite stubborn and will do all that it takes to reach it. His indifference to everything gives him a different perspective to any problem.

E G O Personality:
His Ego's personality is rather different to his real life personality. Unlike reality, Lucian is actually a king in the World of Alter Egos. He speaks his mind and all opinions that he has. His Ego is pretty much the entirety of the superiority-complexed half of his RL split personality.

♔ Background:
The reason Lucian Chevalier was enrolled into Shukuudai Academy was because his parents want him to be the best in his studies, just like many other children who has been sent to that same school. Lucian willingly agreed to go to the academy. He wants to truly show how superior he is and that his skills are above that of others. Besides, do you think Lucian had a chance to object his parents?

♔ Likes:
*Being followed
*Drawing during class
*Music (especially piano)
*A challenge
*Time to draw
*Giving out instructions
*Being looked up to
*A nice murder mystery

♔ Dislikes:
*Ignorant whelps
*Peasants who think they know it all
*Those who believe they're better than him
*Being lectured by teachers
*Having to follow someone else
*Being ignored
*Hesitant thoughts

♔ Extras:
-----His eyes are naturally red due to an extremely rare pigmentation anomaly. It's frightening when he glares cause those red eyes just seem to stare into your soul.

-----His last name means "knight" but he wants to be king. HE'S A BIG HIMIDERE JUST SO YOU KNOW.

-----He doesn't lie. I swear he's the most honest person you've ever met. You ask "do these pants make me look fat?" and he'll respond with "yes you look like an inflated hot air balloon."

-----If you don't know by now, he doesn't have many friends. He didn't have the time to make any he was young so he doesn't really know how to act around him.

-----Before Shuukaidai Academy, he was homeschooled and tutored, which really bored him to death.

-----What is this "fun" you speak of? All he does is draw and do homework. He didn't have time for games in his childhood as well.

-----He suffers from insomnia so he passes that time by drawing or simply walking around. Usually he'd fall asleep on his desk in the middle of drawing.

-----He always had that red messenger bag with him. It contains his sketchbook and drawing utensils.

♔ Quotes:
"Hmph, think what you may. Does it look like I care?"
"You're an eyesore. Go away."
"I don't think I'm the best, I know I'm the best."
"Don't look down on me."
"My name is Lucian Chevalier."

♔ Voice:
French: Diego Mestanza
Japanese: Akira Ishida

♔ Themes:
R L: BadBye
E G O: World is Mine

Feel free to RP with me any time either in the comments or by note, whichever you prefer `u `
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so very dead...
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Glycyrrhizicacid Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
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Ahahha I'm glad you like a buttface like Luci :iconimsotiredplz:
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It's impossible for me to dislike character with a huge ego and arrogance :iconlazycryplz:
minarui Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
ahhhah thanks for liking his huge ego and arrogance :iconjunesplz: he can be such a pain to rp sometimes since I am nothing like him hhaha
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