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August 25, 2013
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Rabbit Doubt: Altair [REVAMP] by minarui Rabbit Doubt: Altair [REVAMP] by minarui
01/07/14 - REVAMPED APP -- New artwork, weapon change

EDIT: Finally switched apps OTL
I'm joining so many rp groups i--
:bulletblack: Name: | | Kiseki__Hoshino | | 星野 奇跡 | |
:bulletred: Alias: | | Altair | |
:bulletblack: Age: | | Seven__teen | |
:bulletred: Birthday: | | November__21 | |
:bulletblack: Gender: | | Male | |
:bulletred: Weapon Choice: | | Pistol | |

:bulletblack: Opinion On What Is Happening:
| | "I see . . . So that's how this game works . . . " | |
Kiseki is not at all surprised on what's going on, it's like he expected this to happen. A short time before he was made to play the game, Kiseki, better known as Altair, was investigating a chain of disappearance. His investigation went as far as revealing the fact that the disappearances are triggered by a message stating " 'Rabit Doubt' Play?" with the options of yes or no. He discovered this lead when one of his closest friend receives that same message, having chosen "Yes" and disappearing a little later after that.

:bulletred: Relationship's:
| | Mother -- Forensic scientist | |
| | Father -- Deceased detective -- Murdered | |
| | Older brother -- Deceased cop -- Killed in action | |
| | Ayumu Masahiro -- Former underclassman | |
| | Vega -- A close friend of his | |
| | Deneb -- A close friend of his | |

:bulletblack: Personality:
| | "I am who I am. Nothing more, nothing less. | |
Kiseki is a passive and collected young man, a stoic expression on his face. He is insightful and has the habit of investigating areas that show interest to him. Kiseki is usually unfazed when it comes to surprises. In times of danger, he knows to stay calm and keep a clear head at all times. Although at some point he may seem to be daydream or staring off into space, he is actually calculation something or trying to think of some plan.

After being in the game for so long now, he's come to be a little more friendly. Smiling is still an expression he doesn't have much often, but will once in a while. His ego, being a prodigy detective and all, isn't as big. He knows his limits, and knows that he can't do everything alone.

:bulletred: Likes:
+ Investigating
+ Mystery novels
+ New places
+ A challenge
+ His pistol
+ More to be added

:bulletblack: Dislikes:
- Being looked down upon
- Spicy and sour foods
- Rule breakers
- People wanting him to take off his glove
- People wasting his time
- More to be added

:bulletred: History:
| | "That's simply how I was raised. | |
Kiseki was born to two intelligent parents, five years after his older brother was born. Because of his father's job, on boring days Kiseki would sometimes tag along on investigations. Most times he would even help out with them. As a child, he really isn't one to do well in large crowds, but unlike most, he can notice things that others would simply shrug off. Kiseki proved his worth to the others at the station, and may have even earned their respect. He also looked up to his older brother, who was a well renowned cop. A little after Kiseki turned 14, his brother was killed in action by a serial killer. There weren't many eyewitnesses, but one who almost saw the whole thing happen claims that the attacker was someone with white hair.

Kiseki's father was the one who started an investigation on the murder, but that only lead to his downfall. When he got a lead on the murderer and managed to corner him, Kiseki's father ended up getting killed. Kiseki was disheartened, but he knew not to be too discouraged. A year later, the teen found another lead on the murderer. In the stream of murders, there was always one witness that was there-- a boy named Ayumu Masahiro. As he entered high school, he researched all that he could find on the witness. And just like that, everything disappeared. The past of Ayumu Masahiro was wiped clean from any suspicion. It was as if this "Ayumu" was a normal boy. That is, excluding the fact that he had white hair.

The chief of police specifically told Kiseki not to look any further on Ayumu Masahiro. Kiseki reluctantly did as told. He was a bit crestfallen, seeing how the case was left forever unsolved. But this state of discouragement merely last a few days since Kiseki found a new case-- a chain of disappearances triggered by the message-- "Rabbit Doubt."

:bulletblack: Extra:
--- His name roughly translates to "Star's Miracle"
--- His best sport at school was the pole vault.
--- His right hand is covered with a glove due to a rather unsightly scar because of an incident involving a white haired boy and a knife.
--- His phone is a DoCoMo F905i
--- He has a really sharp eye. Kiseki can shoot a gun and hit his target right where he wants to hit and can pretty much notice small details.
--- Kiseki and his two friends are in their own little group they call the Summer Triangle, hence their nicknames.
--- Voice: Tetsuya Kakihara
--- Full body image:

I hope mr prodigy will get along with the other rabbits uv u

Also RP methods~
I'm pretty cool with anything-- Skype, Comment, Notes, Chat
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Amg. He is so fabu. He reminds me of Kyoya from OHSHC... ///pffffffffft
Wanna rp----? //eue
minarui Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
:iconkagepro80plz: Ahaha, he is a /bit/ like Kyoya, I guess. Ah, sure! I'm up for an rp!
Do you go by notes, comments, or skype?
inapopovici Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I mean... Kyoya has all the cool stuff. A laptop with a huge memory card, all dem papers, and knows everyone. Dem cool guys know everyone.

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minarui Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Student Digital Artist
:iconkagepro41plz: Ah I see I see. Aha, all Kiseki has is a sharp eye like a hawk, a really nice memory, and a phone. ;; ;; ; He doesn't know /everyone/ yet but that's why I'm gonna rp more! :'D

I go by skype! Mine is river.of.stars so feel free to add me uv u
inapopovici Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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BishieDream Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
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minarui Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
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BishieDream Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2014
I miss him, I should rp you more ^^ 
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