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MahouShonen: Ren Mahiro by minarui MahouShonen: Ren Mahiro by minarui
:iconoelplz: wooo I got it finished~
aaaa meet my motherly mahou Ren

★Name: Ren Mahiro ( 真広 蓮 )
☆Age: 17 years
★Gender: Male
☆Nationality: Japanese

Updated Art ref:
Normal Full-Body ref:
Mahou Full-Body ref:

Selfless | Reliable | Encouraging | Sympathetic | Optimistic | Absentminded

Ren is a selfless person. He cares for the wellbeing of others more that he cares for himself. What matters the most to him is those close to him. In turn, he is reliable and is always there to lend a hand. If any of his friends, or companions, or even strangers are in need, he'll be there to help. He is encouraging and would do absolutely nothing to bring someone down. He's rather sympathetic as well, understanding how another feels even though he himself might not have even experienced the same thing.

Being the person that he is, you'll always find him with a smile on his face and his cheerful words of optimism. Although, Ren can be a bit absentminded at time. Somedays he could be so deep in thought that he'd have no idea what's going on in the world around him. His appearance make him seem like a cool, suave young man, but to be honest he is the exact opposite. His childish demeanor along with his occasionally teasing could get on another's nerves at times, but he means well.

Born on September 14 in Japan, Ren lived a rather calm and mundane life despite living near the bustling city of Tokyo. His life is as normal as you can think, he went to school, he hung out with friends, he watched TV. He had a wonderful father that raised him on his own. Ren's mother on the other hand-- well to put it simply, she divorced Ren's father when Ren was only 5 years old. His personality was a bit different back then. He didn't really care all that much over what happened to others and wasn't the person he is now. To be honest, Ren was a bit selfish.

That is, until he met 'her'. It was a lovely spring day for the currently 13-year old Ren and he had just gotten out of school. Passing by the local park, he sees a young 10-year old girl named Reiko sitting by herself on the swing watching the other kids play. Curious on why she was by herself, Ren decided to go up to her for a little chat. Ren didn't really like her personality at first. He didn't know why she would just watch the others play when she can play with them.

Her response?
"I'd rather watch everyone else be happy with their smiling faces."

For some unknown reason, Ren continued to meet up with Reiko at the usual spot, the swing-sets in the park. He continued to see her more and more until it became part of his usual routine. With each passing day that the two meet, Ren became more and more affectionate towards Reiko. He came to love her caring personality and started to act a bit like her, although he is a bit too protective. To show how close they've become, Reiko gave Ren one of those cheap plastic rings, his in the shape of a diamond while her's was a heart.

It's been two years since they've met. Reiko had just turned 12 while Ren was starting high school. He believed that he and her would continue to talk and enjoy each others company, until his father had found out. Ren didn't know why, but his father didn't like it when he's with Reiko. The teen was confused for a while until he managed to get the answer out of his father; he and Reiko were siblings. The reason why his mother divorced his father was because his father had an illegitimate child with another woman.

Ren was awfully shocked in finding this out. The one that he fell for--- was his sister. For a long period of time, he stopped meeting up with her. He didn't want to fall for her even more. When he finally got over this revelation, it was too late. Reiko wasn't at the usual spot, no matter how many days he came back. He found out her address from a classmate of hers and had decided to pay her a visit, only to find out that she had been sent to a hospital. Reiko has been sick for a while now, and her condition had gotten worse.

He felt terrible. Heavens know how long she's waited for him at the park all by herself. Ren rushed to the hospital, apologizing to Reiko, repeatedly saying sorry on how selfish he'd been for leaving her alone and never asking how she was feeling. Reiko merely smiled softly and said that it'll be alright. Ren soon left the hospital with a heavy heart.

Whilst dragging his feet on the way home, he reluctantly stopped by the park again out of habit. It was there that he saw a couple of boys messing around with the pigeons. If it were the old Ren, he would have just let them be, but this was the Ren who had met Reiko we're talking about. He noticed that they were doing more than just messing around. The boys had actually injured a few of the birds.

"HEY!" Ren had called out to them, holding a rather large stick that he found nearby. "GET AWAY FROM THEM!" he shouted. The glare in his eyes added to the intimidation, and the kids immediately ran away. He checked to make sure that the pigeons weren't too injured, which was when he found a peculiar golden colored bird. This strange avian was the most injured out of all the others. Seeing that it needed it's wings to be healed, he chose to take it home and nurse it back to health.

A few days later, Ren received a phone call about Reiko. Thinking that it was good news, he quickly picked the land line up, but was instead made even more distressed. Her condition was far worse than even, and there was a high chance of her dying. He didn't care how far the hospital was, Ren ran all the way over there while carrying the bird he was tending, not wanting to leave it behind like he did with Reiko. Once he arrived, he came to see that Reiko was asleep, but needed the utmost of care, for she was really fragile at this moment. Walking out of her hospital room, Ren collapsed to the floor, his heart pretty much torn in pieces.

"Why. Why, why why why why." he repeated. "Why did this happen to her. She doesn't deserve this..." on the verge of tears, he buried his face into the palm of his hands.

"I can help if you want." Ren heard a voice say. He didn't pay that much attention and simply responded with "What can you even do?

"I can keep her alive." it said. With that, Ren looked up and noticed that it was the bird that he had saved. It was the bird, talking.

"B-b-bu-- wha...?" Ren stuttered, but was interrupted by the bird. "I'll save her, but on one condition."

Ren didn't care for logic anymore. All he wanted was for Reiko to be alive. He didn't care if she was his sister or not, he deeply cares for her. With that, he agreed to the bird's terms of becoming a "mahou shonen" to fight against upcoming adversaries. To fight-- to protect those who he cares for. In turn, the bird-- Aurelius-- kept Reiko alive with his healing abilities.

★Magical Name: Super Soldier Makeshift Wings
☆Color: Najavo White
★Quote: "Give me strength… to protect!!"
☆Heart Gem:
Ren's heart gem is embedded to the ring that he keeps around his neck on a necklace. Although it's a normal piece of plastic jewelry with no real worth, it means a lot to him. Aurelius notices how important it is to Ren when one night the little bird sees Ren giving it a kiss. Shortly afterwards, the young man whispered the words "I'll save you... I swear to it...!"

Angelus: [ Aurelius ] -- [ Bird ] -- [ ♂ ] -- [Link to ref if available]
Aurelius (awh reh lee us) is a mature yet imperious angelus. He liked things done a certain way, but could also be flexible to terms depending on who he's dealing with. His strength lies within his healing abilities, along with his speed and agility. His job was that of a messenger, delivering information to many distinct angellions. His job could be as small as delivering a simple letter, or it could also be as large as sending top secret information or transporting a fragile parcel. Despite what job it is, he's the best and fastest at it.

When he and others were made to abandon their home planet, Aurelius stayed somewhat positive by telling himself that this would be a good chance to explore. Later, he groaned at the fact that his stellar power was low and that he had to find a "special person", just one out of howsoever many, to fight with him against incoming adversaries.

Aurelius had been looking for one to call his partner, but being the picky little bird that he is, there weren't many that fit his qualifications. Some people were too ignorant, while others just wanted power. He's been traveling far and wide, just looking for the one person for him.

"What a pain..."

The angelus had finally reached Japan. He decided to take a short break at a local park near Tokyo, seeing how his wings were sore from all the flying. He really shouldn't have stopped there. A group of mischievous little boys were messing with the pigeons, and in seeing the golden colored bird, they focused their attention on it. One of them actually twisted one of Aurelius' wings, giving the angelus agonizing pain. Of course, Aurelius could easily take these children on, if only he weren't tired and still had some stellar power.

Then, just like that, the boys ran away. Lifting his head, he sees a 15-year old dark-haired boy with a worried expression on his face, but a hint of hopelessness in his eyes. But why...? The boy picked Aurelius up and wrapped the bird in his jacket. Taking him home, the boy tended Aurelius' wings with bandages.

"...he's not bad for a kid."

A few days later, Aurelius watched as the boy had that hopeless expression on his face again when he had picked up a phone and listened to the voice on the other end. The boy told the angelus "Sorry, could you come with me? I don't want to leave you alone hurt." The boy doesn't know that Aurelius could talk, so he simply pretended to be a normal bird as the teen carried him in his arms, running for many miles towards a hospital.

"There's that look again..."

The boy placed Aurelius on a chair just outside of a hospital room. When he had walked back out, the teen slumped to his knees in a fit of despair. Aurelius took a look inside the room, and finally understood.

"I can help if you want." the angellus spoke up. Oh no, that was out of turn. He shouldn't have talked, this child doesn't know of his world yet. But to his surprise, the boy didn't seem all that fazed and simply responded with, "What can you even do?

"I can keep her alive." Aurelius answered. With that, the boy looked up and and widened his eyes. "B-b-bu-- wha...?" the boy started to stutter, but Aurelius lifted up his good wing and interrupted the boy."I'll save her, but on one condition."

The boy, who we all know is Ren, agreed to Aurelius terms. The two are now partners, or comrades in arms. Ren enjoyed having Aurelius as company whenever his dad goes off to work for the entire day, and the angelus simply felt neutral towards this. The days passed and Ren continued to smile his usual smile, but only Aurelius knew how worried the teen truly is. Aurelius had been keeping Reiko's condition well, but he tells Ren that he cannot keep her alive forever. She'll also have to use her own strength to live. Ren understood this, but he still chose to become a Mahou Shonen for her.

Name: Alae Chalybs - Dual Tonfas
Description: A tonfa is an Okinawan weapon consisting of a stick with a perpendicular handle attached a third of the way down the length of the stick, which is about 15-20 inches long. Although tonfas are usually made from wood, Ren's tonfas are formed from steel and has the appearance of wings. Despite the fact that it looks like feathers, his tonfas are actually very sharp and can pretty much slice through anything that he is able to cut.

Magical Moves:
Attack: Not available

Name: Curatio Dia
Description: If Ren or any of his ally are to the verge of loosing a battle, the entire party recovers a moderate amount of health and gains a burst of speed. If it's only him that's fighting another, then he'll have a heightened agility, along with temporary healing that keeps him moving until the fight is over or he runs out of energy.

Shield: Not available

:bulletorange: His favorite anime are Natsume Yuujinchou and Durarara.
:bulletorange: He can understand a few English words, but its hard for him to actually speak it.
:bulletorange: He's very athletic, especially in Basketball.
:bulletorange: Ren is a black belt in tae kwon do.

Reiko (レイコ) - Half-sister
Aurelius - Comrades; Friends (?)
Tristan Cobalt - Online Friends

★Character Themes:
Ren's Themes
[ Voice ] --- Tatsuhisa Suzuki --- --- 0:37 to 1:48

[ Character Theme ] --- --- まもりたい ~White Wishes~【BOA -Male Ver.】
[ Main Theme ] --- Dear【ViVid】
[ Main Theme 2 ] --- サマータイムレコード【けんぴ

[ A Fun Everyday Life ] ---
[ Shining Days ] ---
[ Mellow Days ] ---
[ Passing Days ] ---
[ I'm There For You ] ---
[ It'll Be Alright ] ---
[ Melancholia ] ---
[ Goodbye ] ---
[ Don't Speak Her Name ] ---
[ Komorebi ] ---

[ To Change ] ---
[ Spiritual Awakening ] ---
[ Urgency ] ---
[ The Will To Fight ] ---
[ I Can Do This ] ---
[ I've Found My Strength ] ---
[ Intense Conflict ] ---
[ Battle Theme ] ---

[ I Will Fly - Instrumental ] ---

Aurelius' Themes
[ Voice ] --- Takuya Eguchi --- --- 0:00 to 0:12

[ Main Theme ] ---

[ Village Bliss ] ---
[ Past Lullaby ] ---
[ Try To Believe ] ---
[ Somber Comfort ] ---
[ Finding Hope ] ---

[ Ready To Fight ] ---
[ Let's Do This ] ---
[ Not Backing Down ] ---
[ Quaere Verum - Battle Theme ] ---

Ren's and Aurelius' Themes
[ No Wories ] ---
[ You and Me ] ---
[ We're Smiling ] ---
[ Walking Through Shibuya ] ---
[ Passing By Ikebukuro ] ---
[ What's Gone Is Lost] ---
[ Looks Like Rain ] ---
[ Keep It Real ] ---
[ The Bravery ] ---

[ Standing Back Up ] ---
[ Encounter ] ---
[ Ashes to Ashes ] ---
[ Battle Theme ] ---

[ Game Over ] ---

So not sorry for all the themes I put up. Go listen to them all I dare you to :iconskankyplz:
If you wanna be his friends all ya gotta do is rp with him yeah and then you're insta-friends :iconjunesplz:
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